Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tips to Stop Tooth Pain - Relieve Tooth Pain

I accidentally stumbled on a technique that allowed me to stop tooth pain. I haven't had an episode in 2 years now.

Your teeth is critical to your overall health, ability to think clearly and improve your performance and decision making skills.

Read this article below to relieve tooth pain.

Severe Toothache Cure - Ways to Stop Chronic Toothache
By Risa H

Everyone is trying to find the severe toothache cure because it basically stops pain instantly and it would also stop chronic chronic toothaches in the future. Everyone will be able to live pain-free from tooth pains. But if you're like others who have tried and tried again to find permanent solutions then you have reached the right place.

Onions as a natural solution to reduce pain. If you can bear the thought of having onion breath for a long time then use onions. For some basic information on onions, it can give you temporary relief for a severe toothache because onions has anti bacterial properties. These anti-bacterial properties can help in subsiding discomfort.

How to maximize the usage of Onions:
  • Chop onions into pieces
  • Place the onion pieces on top of the cavity of the affected gum and tooth
  • To make the best use in reducing pain, chew on the raw pieces of onions (focus on chewing on the problematic areas)
  • Swallow the thoroughly well chewed onions

    One thing to not do is to not suck in and breath through your mouth. Sucking in air through the mouth brings in a cold draft to your gum and teeth which causes to irritate your toothache.

    Another factor to keep in mind is to avoid taking painkillers as it creates you to depend on them and overtime it will stop working which can create more painful teeth aches for you in the future. But if you must use painkillers, do not place it directly on the tooth or gum. It will cause a bad reaction such as creating a bump onto the painful toothache and the gum will swell.

    If these temporary toothache home remedies do not work, you should try a permanent remedy which can save you lots of money in the long run as you will not have any other toothache in the future since it will cure teeth aches. To learn more information on finding permanent solutions to tooth aches you should read this here .

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