Sunday, June 7, 2009

How Do You Cure Gum Disease? Effective Strategies

How do you cure gum disease? Managing gum disease is about daily plaque control -which leads to oral hygiene. In most cases, stopping plaque in your mouth is really under your control.

Brush every day.

Floss every day.


Your oral hygienist may recommend fluoride toothpaste or tartar reduction rinses. However, if you do use fluoride toothpaste and you still suffer from gum disease or chronic toothache, refrain from using fluoride toothpaste and generally stop using anything that contains fluoride.

Professionals of the dental industry recommend oral irrigation as a great way to clean teeth and gums. Oral irrigators provides better cleaning compared to tooth brushes and floss (which don't).

Oral irrigators flood the mouth with a jet of water under pressure to flush offending food particles and bacteria from the mouth. From under the gum line where the infection is. It is just like a wound on your arm - you must keep it clean for it to heal. And now there's fresh evidence that advanced gum disease responds well to oral irrigators.

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  1. Great tips. After facing a lot of dental issues, specially gum bleeding, i started looking for dentzz review. My teeth have become yellowish. Now, i understand the importance of dental care and know what things i need to follow and what to avoid. Hope these tips work for me.