Friday, June 5, 2009

Stop Tooth Pain - Home Remedy Secrets: Toothache Remedy

To Stop Tooth Pain, you can find a lot of information of my gathered research for toothache remedy. Note, these are only temporary relieve. This is not a cure or a permanent solution to stop tooth pain. If you want more detailed information and a permanent cure to stop tooth pain, you need to read here.

For more detailed information read here.

If the pain in the teeth you are suffering is caused by pressure due to trapped food bits in between your teeth, a simple dental floss can remove the irritant due to the manipulation of dental floss. You can then rinse with warm salt water.

If you feel pain in the gums, suck on an ice cube to numb the area or an ice pack will do the trick for a painful jaw. However, it is not recommended for people with a history of toothaches. Again, it is best cure your toothache permanently so read permanent methods here.

Another tip to stop tooth pain is to place a wet black tea bag on affected gum. Place it on for 30 minutes because it will relieve the soreness and can even stop bleeding.

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