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Tips to Stop Tooth Pain - Relieve Tooth Pain

I accidentally stumbled on a technique that allowed me to stop tooth pain. I haven't had an episode in 2 years now.

Your teeth is critical to your overall health, ability to think clearly and improve your performance and decision making skills.

Read this article below to relieve tooth pain.

Severe Toothache Cure - Ways to Stop Chronic Toothache
By Risa H

Everyone is trying to find the severe toothache cure because it basically stops pain instantly and it would also stop chronic chronic toothaches in the future. Everyone will be able to live pain-free from tooth pains. But if you're like others who have tried and tried again to find permanent solutions then you have reached the right place.

Onions as a natural solution to reduce pain. If you can bear the thought of having onion breath for a long time then use onions. For some basic information on onions, it can give you temporary relief for a severe toothache because onions has anti bacterial properties. These anti-bacterial properties can help in subsiding discomfort.

How to maximize the usage of Onions:
  • Chop onions into pieces
  • Place the onion pieces on top of the cavity of the affected gum and tooth
  • To make the best use in reducing pain, chew on the raw pieces of onions (focus on chewing on the problematic areas)
  • Swallow the thoroughly well chewed onions

    One thing to not do is to not suck in and breath through your mouth. Sucking in air through the mouth brings in a cold draft to your gum and teeth which causes to irritate your toothache.

    Another factor to keep in mind is to avoid taking painkillers as it creates you to depend on them and overtime it will stop working which can create more painful teeth aches for you in the future. But if you must use painkillers, do not place it directly on the tooth or gum. It will cause a bad reaction such as creating a bump onto the painful toothache and the gum will swell.

    If these temporary toothache home remedies do not work, you should try a permanent remedy which can save you lots of money in the long run as you will not have any other toothache in the future since it will cure teeth aches. To learn more information on finding permanent solutions to tooth aches you should read this here .

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  • Toothache Home Remedy - Natural Toothache Home Remedy

    Everyone wants a toothache home remedy. Simply put, we all want a quick option to get rid of toothaches. Fact is, curing your toothache permanently is the best choice. Read this article to see how to cure toothaches for good.

    Chronic Teeth Pain Relief - Toothache Cures That Work!
    By Risa H

    Not wanting to generalize but many people (like you) have used and tried various toothpastes for sensitive teeth available at mass market stores. Having high hopes that it the chronic teeth pain would subside and disappear after a few brushing applications. It that doesn't work, we head on to find numbing gels for chronic teeth pain relief.. with hopes that the toothache cures work.

    But to your dismay, it doesn't work as you thought it would. With the addition to prolong and dependence use, everything stops working.

    The best way for chronic teeth pain relief is to practice consistent oral hygiene. It may sound easy but practicising and achieving prolong healthy gum and teeth is harder than you think. Therefore, you need to take care of your teeth.

    Floss and make sure to get brush food particles away from you teeth.

    Swish and gargle with water because it moisturizes your teeth and gum which will alleviate tooth pain.

    Drinking room temperature water is another great way to prevent further trigger to tooth aches. Again, be sure to drink plenty of water as it moisturizes the gum and teeth which alleviates aches.

    There are a few home remedy for toothaches that you should avoid. In fact many tips that are available online are temporary and will trigger more painful toothaches further. With that said, it will prolong toothaches.

    An example home remedy to avoid using painkillers -especially do not place it on top of the affected area because it will make the gum sore making your teeth and gum take an extra 4 to 5 days to heal.

    For those who have experienced a toothache before, this is very important: do not use sour, salty or sweet foods or products to alleviate teeth pain. It will simply stop working and it is another way to trigger further teeth pain in the future.

    You need to effectively combat tooth pain now. Getting rid of chronic teeth pain now creates less problem for yourself in the future. The tips mentioned above are just temporary relief. They do not help toothache cures. That being said, tooth pain will come back. So it is essential to permanently get rid of severe toothaches. To learn more information on finding permanent solutions to tooth aches you should read this here.

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    Sunday, June 7, 2009

    How Do You Cure Gum Disease? Effective Strategies

    How do you cure gum disease? Managing gum disease is about daily plaque control -which leads to oral hygiene. In most cases, stopping plaque in your mouth is really under your control.

    Brush every day.

    Floss every day.


    Your oral hygienist may recommend fluoride toothpaste or tartar reduction rinses. However, if you do use fluoride toothpaste and you still suffer from gum disease or chronic toothache, refrain from using fluoride toothpaste and generally stop using anything that contains fluoride.

    Professionals of the dental industry recommend oral irrigation as a great way to clean teeth and gums. Oral irrigators provides better cleaning compared to tooth brushes and floss (which don't).

    Oral irrigators flood the mouth with a jet of water under pressure to flush offending food particles and bacteria from the mouth. From under the gum line where the infection is. It is just like a wound on your arm - you must keep it clean for it to heal. And now there's fresh evidence that advanced gum disease responds well to oral irrigators.

    Friday, June 5, 2009

    Toothaches - Toothache Causes Severe Damage

    Ways to Stop Toothache:

    Toothache pain also originates from other areas and radiates to the jaw which causes more pain. Thus, toothache causes severe damage because the excruciating pain will make you unable to sleep and will affect your overall health. Tooth pain also gives you warning signs of other health related problems that include jaw joint (temporomandibular joint or TMJ), ear pain, and even occasional heart problems.

    A great site that has more detailed and a permanent solution on ways to stop toothache here.

    Bacteria growing inside your mouth can contribute to gum disease, plaque, and dental decay. These problems can become painful. The prevention and cause of dental disease has been well investigated here.

    You can prevent the majority of dental problems by flossing, and using high quality toothpaste. To find the best solutions and methods read here.

    Relief for Chronic Teeth Pain - Ways to stop teeth pain

    Just relieving chronic teeth pain will make you teeth pain come back again and again. A better option is to get a permanent relief for chronic teeth pain here

    Tip One.
    Put oil of cloves onto your aching tooth every 20 minutes using a cotton swab. This will alleviate some of pain.

    Get permanent solution to stop chronic teeth pain forever here.

    Tip 2.
    Take over the counter pain reliever but do not take aspirin if you are going to a dental procedure (prior). Aspirin increases the bleeding and will jeopardize the procedure which you don't want to risk.

    Tip 3.
    Do not place aspirin on your gum to relieve the pain in the gum and tooth. Promise me that you will never do this because it will worsen the condition!!

    Get permanent solution to stop chronic teeth pain forever here.

    You may require emergency care and need a prompt dental visit if you are experiencing the signs and symptoms of a dental abscess. Otherwise, you can call your dentist for advice if you are experiencing a toothache that lasts for more than a day or two. A throbbing tooth pain, a tooth that responds to both hot and cold stimulus and a tooth that hurts during pressure may be exhibiting signs of a dental cavity. You may already have gum disease if you are experiencing swelling, redness, soreness and pain in your gums. This may also indicate an impacted tooth.

    Stop Tooth Pain - Home Remedy Secrets: Toothache Remedy

    To Stop Tooth Pain, you can find a lot of information of my gathered research for toothache remedy. Note, these are only temporary relieve. This is not a cure or a permanent solution to stop tooth pain. If you want more detailed information and a permanent cure to stop tooth pain, you need to read here.

    For more detailed information read here.

    If the pain in the teeth you are suffering is caused by pressure due to trapped food bits in between your teeth, a simple dental floss can remove the irritant due to the manipulation of dental floss. You can then rinse with warm salt water.

    If you feel pain in the gums, suck on an ice cube to numb the area or an ice pack will do the trick for a painful jaw. However, it is not recommended for people with a history of toothaches. Again, it is best cure your toothache permanently so read permanent methods here.

    Another tip to stop tooth pain is to place a wet black tea bag on affected gum. Place it on for 30 minutes because it will relieve the soreness and can even stop bleeding.

    How to Cure Chronic Toothache - Great Tips

    How to Cure Chronic Toothache. Here are some TEMPORARY chronic toothache relievers. That is why I highly emphasize that you should seek PERMANENT solutions to cure chronic toothache. To learn more information (in great detail) on how to cure chronic toothache, visit this site here (

    I have found quick tips from these sites. I highly recommend you read these sites on more thorough instructions to relieve chronic toothache.

    How to Stop Toothache. This siteteaches what daily habits you should stop doing to stop a chronic toothache. It teaches you how to breathe correctly and what foods you should avoid.